Brinkley Morgan provides specialized expertise in areas of marital and family law.

Our marital and family law attorneys proactively represent clients to help them resolve personal and financial matters associated with dissolution of marriages, paternity claims and adoption. Through our offices in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida, our firm offers the following broad spectrum of services:

  • negotiating and drafting marital agreements to resolve such issues as child custody and visitation child support
  • temporary, permanent, rehabilitative and lump sum alimony
  • equitable distribution of assets and liabilities
  • attorneys’ fees, when appropriate
  • support enforcement and modification proceedings.

In addition, our Marital and Family Law Practice assists clients who seek protection from potential future disputes by negotiating and drafting pre-nuptial agreements and estate plans. When necessary, and particularly with contested or complex matters, we actively pursue the discovery to identify and value all assets of the marital estate to insure our clients receive their rightful entitlement under the law.

Experience and ability are the hallmarks of our family law attorneys. We bring a dignified advocacy role to these matters, which frequently occur in an emotionally charged atmosphere. Taking an individualized approach to achieving each client’s objectives, we approach these human problems with the confidence and skill that comes from our extensive experience and success in this specialized area of the law. The Marital and Family Law Practice at our South Florida law firm has a deep commitment to helping clients resolve complex and sensitive matters in ways that safeguard their material and personal well-being.