Thinking About New Subsection 553.79(20), Florida Statutes, From The Local Authority’s Perspective

By: Donald J. Lunny Ch. 2017-149, Laws of Florida, became effective July 1, 2017 and seemingly relates to the subject of construction.  In Section 3 of the new legislation, which applies to property located outside a designated historic district, a prohibition and pre-emption from county and municipal development control was granted in favor of [...]

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Governmental Disputes and the Balancing of Competing Governmental Interests Test

By: Donald J. Lunny, Jr. Sometimes governmental agencies have disagreements concerning land use regulations.  These often arise when one governmental agency needs the zoning approval of the other in order to construct facilities.  Most often, cities or counties regulate the use and development of land through zoning and land development regulations, and development proposals of [...]

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Florida’s Historic Preservation Property Tax Exemption

By: Quentin E. Morgan The old axiom that “Those who do not study history are condemned to repeat its mistakes,” does not apply to property in the State of Florida.  Maintaining and recognizing pieces of the past, as a display of all the outstanding achievements of men and women who have made significant contributions to [...]

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The Ability of Local Ordinances to Support Causes of Action and the Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Litigation

By Donald J. Lunny, Jr. This case is a reminder to practitioners of the importance of local ordinance review when evaluating potential causes of action.  Too often, practitioners focus only on Federal and State law as a basis for substantive recovery.  Counties and cities have the power to adopt local ordinances that cover a variety [...]

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