New Florida Law Voids Certain Non-Compete Agreements for Physicians

By Mark A. Levy, Esq. In this day and age, many types of employees and contractors are required to sign non-compete agreements, and such agreements are widely used in the medical field.  In Florida, these agreements are generally upheld as valid so long as they are reasonable in terms of time and geographic scope, [...]

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: To Err is Human; To Insure, Divine.

By: Harris Solomon Let’s face it, people make mistakes.  And sometimes those mistakes concern decisions and actions that occur while managing a company.  The mistake may not only be costly for the company, but it may also be costly for the individual who took the action, directed someone else to act, failed to act when [...]

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Florida Law Can be Unfair to Creditors

By: Harris K. Solomon Most fair-minded people would find that the Florida’s statutes protecting income, earned from labor or services, from being garnished by a creditor are completely one-sided in favor of debtors; and would agree that the legislature should take action and fix this problem.  Currently in Florida there is no limit to the [...]

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